Stimulus Money for Local Home Weatherization Programs

With winter setting in and heating bills on the rise, more of us are thinking of weatherizing our homes.

Now there’s federal stimulus money out there that can help.

AMCAB is one of 6 U.P. agencies offering a home weatherization program.

They say they’re seeing an increased interest.

AMCAB head Earl Hawn says with the stimulus money coming in, more homes than ever in the U.P. will be able to get weatherized.

He says it’ll cover 3,000 families that the 6 agencies weren’t previously able to help.

The stimulus cash also includes an educational component to help families learn how to cut down on energy use.

Doing things like caulking, adding insulation and replacing glass can mean less money on bills.

AMCAB still has a waiting list but it still wants to help more eligible people.

Hawn suggests going online to to see if you qualify.

A family of 4 can have a gross income of up to $44,000.

The site has energy-saving tips as well that you can use whether you qualify or not.