NICE Schools Clean Up on Flu Concern

One other district we didn’t mention in that previous story has also closed.

And it’s trying to clean up its buildings today to make sure the H1N1 virus stays away.

The NICE Community Schools in Ishpeming Township said yesterday they were cancelling all classes for the rest of the week.

Today, the schools’ custodial staff was cleaning all hard surfaces, classrooms and locker rooms in anticipation of students coming back on Monday.

They’ll keep doing that tomorrow and Friday.

NICE Superintendent Mike Haynes says most of the students calling in sick were at the elementary and middle school levels.

But the district decided to close all its schools to be on the safe side.

The district is still trying to determine exactly how they’ll approach scheduled athletic events.

But Westwood’s varsity football game hosting Negaunee is still scheduled to take place Friday night at 7:30.