Menominee Township Murder Pre-Trial in January

A Wisconsin man is going back to court January 9th in the death of a Menominee Township man 7 months ago.

46-year-old James Dulak of Weston, Wisconsin was going to be arraigned today.

But he waived his right to have an arraignment, so it didn’t happen.

The next step is a pre-trial conference.

Yesterday, in his preliminary exam, a judge ruled there was enough evidence against him for the murder case to go to trial.

49-year-old Mark Keller, Sr. was found dead in his home back in May.

There’s also a second suspect facing a murder charge, 24-year-old Keith Benson of Hatley, Wisconsin.

Benson pleaded not guilty in September.

He had a pre-trial conference today.

Both men could face life in prison if they’re convicted.

The 2 men were both already in custody in Wisconsin on unrelated charges when they were accused in this case.