Huron Mountain Club Break-In Update

The Marquette County man charged with a well-publicized series of camp break-ins has a bit longer to wait for his return to court.

54-year-old Robert Maki of Palmer had his preliminary exam scheduled for today.

But he waived his right to a prelim, so it never happened.

Maki is charged with 6 counts of 2nd-degree home invasion and 2 counts of firearm possession by a felon.

The break-ins all happened inside the gates of the Huron Mountain Club in Big Bay.

They stretched from late September to late October.

More than 20 guns, a flat-screen TV and construction tools have been recovered in the case.

Police believe Maki stole all of those things and more.

He’s still in the Marquette County Jail tonight on $28,000 bond.

Maki has been there since Halloween, when he was arrested for violating his probation.

The case has been bound over to Circuit Court.

No word yet on when he’ll be arraigned, but it’ll happen either December 17th or January 7th.

Those are the next 2 arraignment dates on the docket.