Medical Marijuana Legal Starting Thursday

Local people interested in community health are banding together to talk about a new, voter-approved state law that takes effect Thursday.

It’s the legalization of medical marijuana.

Michigan voters passed the idea by a wide margin last month.

Some say they’ve seen studies that youth marijuana use actually declines in states where this sort of measure is in place.

But the Marquette County Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention Coalition isn’t among them.

They’re continuing their opposition to the new law.

They say they’re concerned about 3 things.

One is the fact that marijuana possession or use is still against federal law.

Another is enforcement of the new law.

It’s unclear how that’ll be done.

The third is that the new law doesn’t say how patients can actually get the drug.

It’s still illegal in Michigan to buy marijuana, regardless of its purpose.

The group also talked about the early efforts of the recently-formed group C-4.

That’s a young people’s version of the county coalition.