Health Care Option for Uninsured Families

Local residents who work with families, and people from the health insurance business, are trying to make sure the U.P. knows about a way to get kids the health care they need.

MIChild is an inexpensive health and dental insurance program for Michigan kids from working families.

However, many people without insurance may not know about it.

NMU hosted a breakfast this morning to help area groups spread the word about MIChild to local families.

Judy Watson Olson of the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development says national figures have the number of kids in Marquette County without health coverage at about 600, and she says the goal is to reach those kids.

Several major insurers offer MIChild coverage.

Uninsured kids from families earning $35,000 a year or less can join.

There are no co-pays or deductibles, and it only costs $10 a month.

If you want to join MIChild, you can get an application by calling toll-free 1-888-988-6300, or by going online to