Close up Water flowing from the dam

A federal court is holding the former owners of the Edenville Dam responsible for its failure.

Through the discovery process, it was found out that Boyce Hydro in 2010 determined that the east embankment of its Dam might fail if Wixom Lake rose too high.

Boyce Hydro could have fixed the defect, and even made preliminary plans to do so, but neglected to follow through or tell the State.

That precise part of the embankment failed in May 2020.

Additionally, Boyce Hydros former Dam Safety Engineer and Chief Operator resigned in protest in May 2017, because of the owner routinely neglecting basic dam safety priorities.

It is noted that the former dam owners did not dispute any of the states evidence in court.

The State plans to seek a money judgement.

Former Edenville Dam Owners Being Held Accountable – YouTube