MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University’s admissions viewbook has been recognized with a gold award for individual student recruitment publication in the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Circle of Excellence Awards. The viewbook is an important tool distributed to prospective students at recruiting events and serves as a first impression of NMU.

The collaboration between NMU Admissions and University Marketing and Communications drives the messaging for the viewbook and other recruitment materials. The team is thrilled to receive recognition from an external organization, validating the impact of their work.

The viewbook is designed to address the post-pandemic concerns of high school students, focusing on their wellbeing, acceptance, and support for their overall development. It highlights NMU’s academic programs, tools for success, and the welcoming community surrounded by natural beauty.

The production process involves close collaboration between the admissions team, marketing and communications, and the art director/senior designer. Their goal is to create a fresh and captivating viewbook each year, showcasing the unique personality of Northern Michigan University.

The viewbook has played a significant role in increasing first-year applications and orientation registrations. It has received positive feedback from high school students at college fairs, with its engaging photography, color scheme, vibrancy, and high-quality design setting it apart from other institutions’ materials.

The judges of the CASE Circle of Excellence Awards praised the viewbook for its clear personality, striking cover, inviting design, and authentic feel. The viewbook effectively communicates NMU’s story to prospective students and has become a powerful tool in recruitment efforts.

NMU’s viewbook has been instrumental in conveying the university’s message and generating interest among high school counselors and prospective students. Its impact has been recognized not only by the university but also by external organizations like CASE.

The CASE Circle of Excellence Awards honor exceptional achievements in various areas of education. NMU’s viewbook stood out as a gold recipient among the entries received from CASE members worldwide, further highlighting its effectiveness in student recruitment publications.