HOUGHTON – In recognition of Pride Month, Copper Shores Community Support & Outreach (formerly known as Dial Help) is raising awareness about the resources available for the LGBTQ+ community. This community faces higher rates of suicide, often attributed to bullying, discrimination, and violence. According to a recent Gallup poll, 7.1% of American adults identify as LGBTQ+.

Copper Shores Community Support & Outreach aims to ensure that LGBTQ+ youth have access to resources that cater to their unique needs. Lisa Simpson, the Prevention Coordinator, emphasizes the importance of Pride Month, as there are still young individuals who believe they would be better off dead than being true to themselves.

The Human Rights Campaign has declared a “State of Emergency” for LGBTQ+ Americans for the first time ever. They have developed a safety guidebook, which can be found at www.hrc.org. Copper Shores Community Support & Outreach wants to assure LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly youth, that they are there to provide support. They believe that every individual deserves support and happiness.

For those seeking more resources related to mental health and other concerns, they can visit www.dialhelp.org/resources.


Local resources include:
UP Rainbow Pride – https://www.uprainbowpride.org/
Keweenaw Pride – https://www.facebook.com/keweenaw.pride
Keweenaw Queers – @keweenawqueers on Instagram
PFLAG Keweenaw – https://pflag.org/chapter/keweenaw/
National resources include:
The Trevor Project, a talk/text/chat hotline for LGBTQ+ youth – Call 866-488-7386 or visit www.thetrevorproject.org
Sage, a hotline for LGBTQ+ elders – Call 877-360-LGBT(5428) or visit www.sageusa.org
Trans Lifeline, a peer support hotline – Call 877-565-8860 or visit www.translifeline.org
Other general resources that might be helpful include:
National Human Trafficking Hotline – Call 888-373-7888 or text 233733
State of Michigan Domestic Violence Hotline – Call 866-864-2338 or text 877-861-0222
State of Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline – Call 855-864-2374 or text 866-238-1454