Munising Firefighters Honored for Lifesaving Efforts

MUNISING, MI – Tonight, we honored 9 Munising City and Munising Township firefighters for their heroic lifesaving efforts from July 1st of this year. Without the courage, dedication, and compassion for their community, one of our heroic firefighters would not be with us today! As Sheriff of Alger County, I thank all of these fine men for their amazing work on July 1st.
~Alger County Sheriff Todd Brock
On July 1st, 2022, at approximately 3:45pm. Alger County EMS was dispatched for a fire stand-by
on Olson Road. While enroute to the call, EMS was notified of a fireman down and that CPR had been
started and an AED had been used. The Munising Township Fire Department and Munising City Fire
Department were working to extinguish a structure fire, when a 41 year old fireman went down. Dan
Carlson and Ryan Anderson attended to the victim, and it was noted at that time that the victim was not
responding but had a faint pulse. Very quickly the victim stopped breathing, and lost a pulse. At this
time CPR was initiated, an AED was used, a shock was administered, and CPR continued. Once EMS
arrived to the victim, the victim began to respond and was beginning to become alert. Once inside the
ambulance, the victim continued to improve during transport to Marquette General Hospital. Without
the “heroic” efforts of the following firefighters, the outcome for the this victim may have been
tragically different.
I would like to congratulate, thank, and honor the following:
1.Munising City Fire Chief Ryan Anderson
2.Munising City Fire Fighter Brock Anderson
3.Munising City Fire Fighter Greg Murk
4.Munising City Fire Fighter Jason Klich
5.Munising Township Fire Fighter Dan Carlson
6.Munising Township Fire Fighter Brendon Lewis
7.Munising Township Fire Fighter Kris Petosky
8.Munising Township Fire Fighter Jeff Contreras
9.Munising Township Fire Fighter Jerry LaFlamme
~Alger County Sheriff Todd Brock