Keweenaw County Historical Society Saves Local History in Eagle Harbor at the Lifesaving Station

Lake Superior’s reputation for stormy waters lends the need for life-saving operations around coastal towns. With the advancement of new technology and longer ranges, the U.S. Coast Guard eventually abandoned several small stations. Such as the Life Saving Station in Eagle Harbor that served the Keweenaw Peninsula from 1915 to 1950. In the years since the Keweenaw County Historical Society has taken ownership of the site, as one of its several museum sites preserving local history.

“This enabled us to receive a lot of memorabilia, including one of the gold medals from the Anthony Glaza family, which was involved in a rescue, both Portage and Eagle Harbor were involved in a rescue in 1913 of the LC Waldo on Keweenaw Point, where they both arrived at the wreck scene after the survivors of that shipwreck, where I spent like 90 hours in Sub-Zero. Weather and fierce waves on the ship and they all, both stations receive a gold medal for their efforts.” – Mark Rowe, Trustee, Keweenaw County Historical Society

During the weekend the Keweenaw County Historical Society will host an open house at the Eagle Harbor lifesaving station inviting the community to explore the grounds, boats, and wealth of records about the men that served at the station. KCHS Trustee Mark Rowe says that the day will also include tours with the U.S. Coast Guard Station Portage and Keweenaw County Sheriff. As were three presentations sharing the history of the site, what the historical society was been up to lately, and special guest BMC Maria R. Collet from the Portage Station.

Local Portage Coast Guard Station will be sending up a twenty-five foot jet propulsion response boat. They will arrive here approximately around one o’clock, and plan on doing dockside tours for the general public. And then also around one o’clock also we will have three speakers give a short talk. From each of us from the Keweenaw County Historical Society the Coast Guard and the local township supervisor. – Mark Rowe, Trustee, Keweenaw County Historical Society

The Open house at the Eagle Harbor Lifesaving Station with the Keweenaw County Historical Society will begin at 10 am on Saturday. Rowe says that the presentations during the day will begin after 1 pm. The Eagle Harbor lifesaving station is located at 9199 Marina Road in Eagle Harbor near the Eagle Harbor Marina. Learn more about the Keweenaw County Historical Society here. Find more details for the Open House here.