Teal Lake Jewelry to host treasure hunt in Marquette County

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Hunting for buried treasure might sound like something out of a storybook, but an upcoming event will have people outside digging for gold all over Marquette County.

On August 8, somewhere beneath the ground of Marquette County, will be real life buried treasure.

Seven chests will be buried throughout the area for the Teal Lake Jewelry Treasure Hunt. Each chest will contain diamonds or gold, worth anywhere from $3,000 – $6,000.

After hearing about similar events downstate, organizer Ashley Speaker thought the treasure hunt would be a great opportunity for this community.

“We want them to be in historical sites, tourist sites, and things like that so people get to go to all these places and hopefully see things that maybe they haven’t seen before and go to different places where they haven’t been,” explained Speaker.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local schools. As a nurse for Negaunee schools and a mother herself, Speaker knows how important the funds will be for the students–especially during this financially difficult time for schools.

“As an employee, I know how much we appreciate the donations,” Speaker said. “As a mom, I know how much I want to support our schools, and I’m hoping that others will too.”

There’s a $49 entry fee to join the hunt, and you can sign up to participate on the Teal Lake Jewelry Treasure Hunt Facebook page.

The hunt will end when the final chest has been discovered.