Local restaurant returning to day-to-day operations

Courtesy: Flickr.com

ISHPEMING –With Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently lifting some restrictions and allowing restaurants to re-open, local establishments are doing their best to resume day–to–day operations.

Venice Pub and Pizzeria in Ishpeming was one of the few local businesses to reopen on Friday, May 22nd.

Glenn Fosmo with Venice Pub and Pizzeria says that they’ve been busy ever since re-opening, and that the community has been very supportive of their efforts.

“We had about 25–30 people in here that first day,” said Glenn Fosmo of Venice Pub and Pizzeria. “The biggest changes are the signage on the doors and letting people know what’s going on. We got a sign in sheet sign their name to so we know who’s been in here every day in case there was something that happened and we found out that somebody did develop a case of COVID–19 that we would have an idea of who was here during the day.”

Venice Pub and Pizzeria will continue to follow social distancing guidelines when customers come in, as well as offer free masks to those who don’t have any.

The restaurant is also still doing curbside and take–out orders.