City of Negaunee to begin rental property inspections in March

NEGAUNEE — The City of Negaunee will begin inspections of rental properties on March 3.

The inspections will take place over the course of three years. About one-third of all rental properties will be inspected a year, and licenses will be good for the next three years.

Planning and Zoning Administrator David Nelson says that the purpose of these inspections is to ensure the health and safety of Negaunee residents. Residents must register for the inspections ahead of time, and they will be given a list of items to go over before the inspection takes place.

“Tenants will have to be there for the inspections,” said Nelson. “We sent out a packet to all the landlords explaining the process with links on how to register for an inspection. We also sent a checklist, and I’ll be using the same checklist, so they can go through and do a self-check before I come in and do the inspection. So if there are any deficiencies that they have, they can rectify those before I come in and do the inspections.”

Tenants will receive their occupancy permit once their inspection is passed. If a tenant does not pass the inspection, they will have a period of time to resolve any issues before they are given their permit.

More information on the inspections and a link to sign up can be found here.