NMU’s Diversity Through the Ages Week continues with keynote speaker

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University continued its Diversity Through the Ages week, which celebrates the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, with a keynote speaker Wednesday night.

Fortune 500 attorney and motivational speaker Shantia Coley spoke to a crowd about stepping out of your comfort zone to grow as people.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can not only benefit yourself, but in some cases others, like in the case of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Dr. King stepped out of his comfort zone,” said Coley. “Dr. King decided to leap. He was a leader, and because of him, a lot of us are where we are at today. A lot of us are here because of him. So my message is for people to follow his lead. On a large scale like him, or even on a small scale. Follow his lead, and never let comfort cripple you.”

Other topics that were covered include facing one’s own fears, finding purpose, and more.

Shantia Coley is an attorney for Wells Fargo at the corporate level, and gives similar talks across the country.