DNR asking public to go over rules and regulations for ice fishing

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Many U.P. inland lakes are now being taken over by the common winter sport known as ice fishing.

It’s important to know the dangers of going on the ice when partaking in this activity. The DNR always reminds the public that no ice is safe ice and it is a good idea to test the ice before going fishing.

It’s also good to go over some rules and regulations of the sport before heading out to take part in the pastime. Another topic the DNR would like the public to recognize is that pollution can be a problem when the ice melts. Therefore leaving garbage and other materials on the ice after you are done fishing is not allowed and will be enforced by the DNR.

“So whenever you are moving your ice shack we are going to remind everybody should be taking their belongings,” said John Kamps, DNR Conservation Officer. “We have a zero tolerance policy as far as leaving litter on the ice. So we will be keeping an eye on that this year.”

To also protect the inland lakes and the public it is required that Ice shanties must be removed if ice conditions become unsafe, regardless of the date. A person placing a shanty on the ice for fishing shall permanently affix their name and address or driver’s license number or DNR sport card number on all sides of the shanty. This must also be done with legible letters that are at least 2″ in height.

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