MARQUETTE COUNTY — Whether you’ve had your Christmas tree up for weeks or you’re still looking for the perfect one for you, it’s important to take precautions to keep your home safe this holiday season.

One way to relieve a lot of worry about fires during the holidays is to purchase an artificial tree. However, many prefer the look and smell of a real tree. Christmas trees are more likely to become a fire hazard if they dry out, so it’s important to check the water level at the base of your Christmas tree every day, always making sure that it’s full.

Another thing to remember is to check the lights you’re putting around your tree for safety hazards.

“We’re putting electrical hazards around trees,” said Marquette City firefighter Garrett Fuller. “So if you do have lights, which almost all of us do, make sure that they’re not frayed and that they’re in working order. Make sure that if you buy lights for Christmas trees that they’re from a reputable source. We always recommend you go with a company that has the Underwriters Laboratories stamp on it. Also don’t try to put more than two strands together.”

Another thing to watch out for is that you’re not overloading power outlets. It’s easy to try to plug everything into one section of the house, but that can lead to overheating.

Make sure you check all decorations and equipment you use this holiday season to ensure that you and your loved ones have a safe Christmas.