Veterans Day Warrior Walk honors veterans for their service

MARQUETTE — Veterans Day was established to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all of its wars.

To honor these brave veterans for their service a Veterans Day Warrior Walk which was held at Northern Michigan University. The Warrior Walk started at NMU’s Superior Dome and went all the way to D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans. The group had the chance to honor and connect with veterans throughout the walk. The event itself helped engage civilians with veterans to help support the men and women who fought for the country.

“You know trying to gain awareness and education on how we can support veterans and go above and beyond saying thank you,” said Leslie Kovar, Host of the Veterans Day Warrior Walk event. “So we wanted to do something a little bit more to raise awareness and to help support and take action in helping pour veterans.”

Participants were able to carry weighted rucksacks to symbolize hardship veterans feel during the walk. The rucksacks were loaned by NMU’s ROTC group for the Veterans Day Warrior Walk.