UPDATE: Pine Ridge Apartment occupants still in shelter, looking for temporary housing

MARQUETTE — It is now on week three since the fire at Pine Ridge Apartments had displaced over 140 members of the community.

The American Red Cross and many other organizations within the community are still providing shelter, food, water and clothing for the occupants of the Pine Ridge Apartments. The shelter for the group moved from NMU’s Superior Dome to the Lakeview Arena over a week ago.

Now, the Red Cross is in need of temporary housing and they are looking for places to call home for the individuals affected by the fire.

“A hockey arena is not really the best place to try and rebuild your life,” explained Robert Dorgan, Volunteer for the American Red Cross. “So if we can start to get them into apartments or hotel rooms. We would like to get them into something that is more like a home as they transition back into Pine Ridge Apartments. That will make a lot of that hardship a lot easier on them as well.”

The American Red Cross appreciates all the help from the Salvation Army, Lakeview Arena and the many other organizations that supported the individuals affected by the fire. The occupants will continue to use Lakeview Arena as a shelter until either new housing is located or the Pine Ridge Apartments are repaired and deemed safe.