Last Free ORV Weekend of the year

MARQUETTE– Now while we still have this nice weather, it could be a great time to go experience some off road trails. If you think it’s too expensive or don’t have a license, you wouldn’t have to worry about that this weekend.

Michigan is offering a Free ORV Weekend from August 17th–18th. Michigan residents and out of state visitors will be able to explore the beautiful trails the UP has to offer such as St.Helens Motorsport area and Silver Lake State Park.

“A number of communities, especially border communities open their doors to ORV tourism,” said Rob Katona, Trail Specialist. “A lot of residents and non-residents especially from neighboring states would come to Michigan and explore our trail system just to get a feel. That does create a local boost and economic boost for those communities that are open to that type of activity and our trail towns connected to our trail system.”

For more information on FREE ORV Weekend, click here.