Local musician starting songwriter series

John Davey playing one of the songs off of his upcoming album inside Madgoodies Studio in Marquette.

MARQUETTE — One local musician is kicking off his career and will be starting a whole series to bring songwriters to Marquette. John Davey describes his music as ‘American at heart,’ and he is working on getting his music career off the ground, and even has an album coming out soon.

“We did a successful Kickstarter for it and raised over $13,000,” said Davey about his album, titled Toss Your Javelin. “[We] got a really great producer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Shane Leonard to record it. And it’s in the works, it’s about to be mixed this month.”

Davey isn’t exactly a newcomer to the music scene, Toss Your Javelin will be his third full-length album that he has made. But he just quit his “sandwich job” this week, and is taking a full leap into the world of music.

“I’m kind of establishing myself as an artist now,” Davey said. “And I’m just riding the art train as hard and fast as I can toward building something good here in Marquette.”

But he isn’t just working on his own career, he will be bringing new songwriters to perform in the area in a new series and wants help with the music scene as a whole.

“As I go around Marquette I see so many talented players, and acts,” said Davey. “But the scene here seems somewhat disparate to me, kind of scattered. And I would like to see, for my own selfish benefit, I would like to see more unification, and more crossover between these disparate scenes. And I think part of that is bringing in other people and saying, ‘here’s an example of another way to do this,’ you know.”

“Supporting the local music scene, getting that going, and building that up,” added Madeline Goodman, of Madgoodies Studio, who set up the interview.

The first person that Davey will be bringing to town as a part of his songwriter series is Matthew Fowler, who will be performing on September 8th at Ore Dock Brewing Company.

And you can hear Davey play this Sunday at the Zephyr Bar from 6–9 p.m, and it is a free event. To learn more about John Davey, you can visit his website by clicking here.