Day 3 aftermath of the Pine Ridge Apartments fire

MARQUETTE — It is now day 3 and the residents at the Pine Ridge Apartments are still unable to go back to their apartments.

The city officials evaluating the apartment complex is still going through the damage that was done from the fire that happened at the beginning of the week. The occupants of the complex are still awaiting notification of what the status is of their building. The residents at the shelter have been receiving help from the Red Cross and the Salvation Army throughout this process.

Although the residents may be looking at yet another night at the Superior Dome due to the extensive damage that was done on the roof of the Pine Ridge Apartments. Until the status of the building is released the occupants can expect to be staying at the Dome until further notice.

They will continue to receive all the available resources that are being offered to them by NMU, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.

“So they have their basic necessities taken care of,” explained Teresa Schwalbach, Marquette Emergency Management Coordinator. “The Salvation Army is taking care of the food, the Red Cross is providing the shelter, and Northern Michigan University has been awesome. They were able to get them the availability to use a shower and even given up some of the space in the Superior Dome for us to be here. So the Pine Ridge Apartment occupants have been very appreciative of it.”

Food gift card donations are being accepted at this time and can be donated at the Lake Superior Village.

ABC 10 will continue to update this story as we receive more information.