Ishpeming to hold second interview with city manager candidate

ISHPEMING — The search for a new city manager in Ishpeming continues to progress.

In a regular meeting held earlier tonight, the Ishpeming city council decided to extend an invitation to candidate Fred Ventresco, to fly out and meet face–to–face.

“Our first set of questions were pretty much stock questions for all of the candidates,” said mayor Karl Lehmann. “Now we’re going to get a chance to get to know him, find out a little bit more about his experience, and so on. It’s not a final decision, it’s a second interview.”

Fred Ventresco has over 12 years of experience as manager of smaller municipalities in the New England area, particularly Maine.

He was first interviewed via video chat earlier this month for the city manager position.

Although this isn’t a definitive sign of any decision, it will help the city council narrow down their search.