MARQUETTE — On Wednesday afternoon, a check was presented to UPAWS from the Norlite Nursing Center.

The money that was donated to UPAWS was raised through the Penny Wars contest that was held during National Skilled Nursing Center Week in May.

UPAWS was chosen as the organization because it’s a community favorite and in total, they raised about $380 dollars.

“The funny thing about a Penny Wars is that if you donate pennies, you can cancel those already donated pennies by donating nickels, or dimes, or quarters, or even dollars. So, it really engages people to, within competition here at the facility, to try to win the competition by putting more money forth. It was awesome to be able to make such a large donation to UPAWS here from Norlite.” said the facility administrator, Wayne Johnson.

Norlite Nursing Center holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year to support the organizations in the community.

They are currently raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.