“Be Local, Buy Local” passes million dollar mark in local sales

MARQUETTE — The “Be Local, Buy Local” program has recently logged its millionth dollar in local sales.

The program, operated by the Marquette Chamber of Commerce, allows users to track their purchases at participating businesses throughout Marquette County for a chance to win a weekly drawing for a gift card redeemable at businesses participating in the program.

The millionth dollar in local sales shows the value of keeping money in the community and helps define the character of the community.

“These are our friends and neighbors who are running businesses. We are taking advantage of their expertise and supporting jobs and pay rolls in the community. We are keeping businesses here and attracting businesses here. The more we can track of money that is spent locally and recalculate it through the community, the better off we will be. Especially in terms of helping our friends and neighbors keep their jobs and attracting more jobs to the area,” said Christian Verardi, President of the Board of Directors for Marquette Chamber of Commerce.

“Be Local, Buy Local” has logged 16,040 entries by 2,816 users since it’s inception in 2017, with an average entry of $62.34.