N.I.C.E. Community Schools are looking at possible extension for school year

ISHPEMING — Due to the harsh winter the N.I.C.E. Community Schools are looking at a possible extension for its school year for all of its schools.

The State of Michigan gives schools a total of 6 snow days. The Nice Community Schools have already doubled that.

Now they are allowed to apply for a waiver of three more days, but leave three more days in limbo at the moment. Now due to Gretchen Whitmer’s state of emergency, the superintendent is hoping that some future legislation that will possibly provide a few more days off of their current snow days that was taken.

“So hopefully we might not have to make up any school days,” said Superintendent of N.I.C.E. Community Schools, Bryan DeAugustine. “But there is the potential that we will have to add some days on at the end of the school year. We have done that in the past where we have gone over the six allowed days. Now it is not a huge deal, because we just give the community a notice that we will be in school a few more days than planned.”

The schools will wait to see what happens with the legislation, but will always plan to give their students a well rounded education for the school year no matter the outcome.