Spread Goodness Day making strides in the community with acts of kindness

MARQUETTE — With Spread Goodness Day approaching, the community is gearing up.

Anna Dravland started Spread Goodness Day last year, with the mission to show people that they have the power to change the world every single day with goodness.

Dravland believes its about showing you can make a difference with simple actions.

“Simplicity is what it really came down to. We wanted a really simple way for people to spread goodness and to create a platform to encourages them to do that,” said Anna Dravland, Organizer.

Last year, Dravland recorded over 10,000 acts of kindness and did not realize what a huge impact it would have on the community.

“I received reports from different non–profits about receiving cash donations, physical donations and volunteers. People were also delivering cookies to staff members and just saying thank you to people who are dedicating their lives through non–profit work,” Dravland added.

Spread Goodness Day also reminds Dravland she is capable of doing anything no matter what obstacles she faces.

“I had a stroke in 2017 about 2 weeks after I launched the first Spread Goodness Day. I thought I lost it, like I thought I was losing everything. When I say that I literally mean everything, to be able to keep going with this and see how much positivity it has brought. Not just to me, but for the world, that’s everything to me,” said Dravland.

Forsberg Flower shop located in downtown Marquette is one of the many businesses participating in Spread Goodness Day.

“We are helping honor Spread Goodness Day with Anna Dravland. We are going out throughout the day and handing out flowers to people. Part of the day we are pairing up with the Childrens Museum to Spread Goodness throughout Marquette,” said Bobby Glenn Brown, Florist.

Dravland’s goal is to eventually make this a global event.

For more information on Spread Goodness Day click HERE.