Seasonal employment opportunities currently available through D.N.R.

CHAMPION — The Wildlife Division hires a large amount of seasonal employees to work during the summer and fall seasons.

Positions for work could be at State Field Offices, DNR Customer Service Centers, and the State Game Areas such as parks like Van Riper State Park. These positions are perfect for college students looking for experience, or those looking to re-enter the workforce.

This could also benefit seniors or retirees who are looking to be more involved in the outdoors.

“We solicit for mostly state parks this time of year,” explained Unit Supervisor at the Van Riper State Park, Debra Gill. “We hire 1,200 positions or more for seasonal or summer help.”

The deadline for applications at the Van Riper State park is March 21st.

For more information about seasonal jobs for the Department of Natural Resources you can click here to learn more.