Two organizations team up to fight childhood hunger in the UP

MARQUETTE–  Childhood hunger is a major problem in the UP, one that two organizations are teaming up to combat.

The Northern Center for Lifelong Living invited the Ending Hunger Alliance of Marquette to give a seminar about the childhood hunger problem in the Upper Peninsula.

“There are currently about 1,100 children in the UP that are school–aged that are identified as being homeless. That doesn’t include children who are not school–aged, and some of the schools didn’t report. So we help those children with food or basic necessities,” says Theresa Sell, volunteer and organizer.

The Ending Hunger Alliance is a non–profit organization that has been fighting childhood hunger for over 5 years.

The organization has donated over 100,000 food items, and donates 100% of its proceeds to help children in need.