Girl Scout troops gather for World Thinking Day

CALUMET — As history continues to remind mankind that kindness is essential for social progress, the Keweenaw National Historical Park has recently lent it’s Calumet Visitor’s Center to serve as the venue for 9 local area Girl Scout troops who gathered in recognition of World Thinking Day, a global event were the Scouts celebrate International friendship.

“World Thinking Day is a commemoration by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in 150 different countries,” said Lynette Webber, a park guide at Keweenaw National Historical Park.

As each generation moves forward through the hands of time, our ethnic differences that once served as social barriers are becoming more faded, and educators across the globe see this as an opportunity to teach the next generation of world leaders.

“The togetherness that they share as guides and scouts, and it’s also a good opportunity to bring attention to issues facing girls around the world,” said Webber.

With performances from the local Kivijat dancers, the scouts learned a little more about the area’s Finnish culture, as many of them are of the descent.

“The girls here were particularly interested in learning about the foods and heritage,” Webber said. “Some of the girls recited the pledge from Girl Guides which is different form the one used here in the Unites States by the Girl Scouts, and some of the differences reflect those cultural differences as well.”

The event began in 1926 and has seen many changes since it’s start.

“They also get together with other groups. They get to learn together. They also get a chance to practice their public speaking and their presentation skills, which can lead them far later on.”

Participating Scouts range from Kindergarten to 10th grade, which gives the older girls in the group the opportunity to serve as positive roll models for the younger scouts.

“World thinking day is a really great opportunity for girls to get together with multiple age levels. We had from the youngest daisies up to senior Girl Scouts here.”

With a diverse ethnic make up in the Copper Country, the Visitor’s Center is a likely choice for such an event, as there are several featured display on the subject.

“Over 10 million participate and we’re really excited to have over 60 of them here at the Keweenaw National Historical Park celebrating multiple ethnicity’s in a place that once brought them all together.”