Snowy Easter Egg Hunts in Copper Country: Quincy Green and Village Park Await!

With the recent blanket of snow on the ground the Easter bunny will have plenty of hiding places for eggs tomorrow. Easter weekend in the copper country might be a little cold and snowy but that won’t keep the region from celebrating. Tomorrow there are two Easter egg hunts planned for the community’s kids taking place in Hancock and Lake Linden. Hancock city manager Mary Babcock says that last year the city was overwhelmed by the community response to an Easter egg hunt. In hopes of keeping the event under a bit more control, the city has worked with the Easter bunny to bring more eggs to Quincy Green and will have kids of different ages start at staggered times. Then in Lake Linden the township Downtown Development Authority will host the Easter egg hunt in the Village Park. Both easter egg hunts will begin at 11 am tomorrow.