IRON MOUNTAIN — The Upper Peninsula coffee brand known as Contrast Coffee is opening their doors at another new location in Iron Mountain.

Contrast Coffee has opened 3 shops across the U.P. and this will make it number four this coming Saturday, January 26th. The owners are happy with the layout and have added some new additions to this shop that it’s the other ones do not have.
They will be adding a drive through, more food options, and will even have root beer on tap.

They are ready to get to know the surrounding community, and hopefully add a unique establishment to Iron Mountain.

“We just started training with our team,” said Co-Owner of Contrast Coffee, Adam Holroyd. “It just that big sigh of relief and you know excitement at the same time. You know you just want to jump through the roof and get down working. It is also exciting to become a part of the Iron Mountain community, as well as, get to know people here and become integrated in what’s happening in the local community here. So yea it’s pretty cool.”