Search and rescue dispatched to find lost man

MARQUETTE COUNTY —¬†Around 7:00 p.m. yesterday, deputies from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, along with Search and Rescue were called to a wooded area just north of Chief Lake Rd. in Republic Township.

Dispatch received a call from 64-year-old Gary Waterman of Republic who said he was hiking in the area and became lost. Dispatch was able to get a GPS location from the call and relayed the information to searchers. Searchers were able to locate Waterman a short time later. He was guided out of the area to awaiting family.

Waterman did not need any medical attention.

The Sheriff’s Office, along with Search and Rescue, would like to remind individuals going into the woods to be prepared in case they become lost.

Fully charged cell phones, fire starter, GPS, compass and flashlights are all items that would help someone if they became lost. If you become lost and are able to 911, stay in that location.

Dispatch will be able to get a GPS coordinate from the call and relay it to searchers.