Ishpeming Online Academy gets approved

ISHPEMING — On Monday, October 15, the Ishpeming Board of Education approved an online academy for students to take classes without being in an actual school setting.



This internet–based academy has been in the works for some time as part of the district’s strategic plan.

After discussion, the administrators felt that there was a need to offer this program for many reasons.

“Administration talked about the need of students who just may not fit into a traditional setting. We want it to appeal for students who are currently home schooling at home, students who may feel the need to work instead of being in school [and] medical conditions if they’re home bound, this would be a good option for them” said Superintendent, Carrie Meyer. “Our district really just wanted to do this to offer more options for our students.”

The program will be free of charge as long as the student is enrolled with the Ishpeming School District.

The academy focuses on students grade 7–12 and has a curriculum that is state aligned with the Michigan Standards.

For more information, visit the Ishpeming School District website here.