Locals try their luck in historic Mega Millions drawing

MARQUETTE — Something everyone has been talking about lately is the Mega Millions jackpot that’s now reached $1.6 Billion.

No winning tickets were brought forth in Friday’s drawing – the next chance for people to win is in Tuesday evening’s drawing. This cash out option is the largest in Mega Millions history, over $900 million, essentially turning the company into Mega Billions. Local stores say many hopefuls have come to purchase a number of tickets.

“When I worked yesterday, I had a guy come in and say to me, ‘Give me 5 of those Mega Billions,'” said Assistant Manager of the Marquette Krist store, Jeffrey Jonas. “I thought, woah, yeah, that’s a good one – Mega Billions. It’s bringing in a lot more people here in Marquette.”

You have until Tuesday around 10:45pm Eastern time to secure your numbers in a chance to have more money than Taylor Swift and Tom Hanks, combined.