Falling Rocks Coffee Shop & Cafe up for sale

MUNISING — The owner’s of the Falling Rocks Coffee Shop and Cafe have decided that it was time to put their business up for sale.



Located in Downtown Munising, Falling Rocks Coffee Shop and Cafe is the perfect place for tourists and residents alike. But, after opening the business 15 years ago, owners, Jeff and Nancy Dwyer felt that it was time to move on.

“Well, we love this place and it’ll be very hard for us to turn the keys over to someone at some point. We love the people who for us and work with us and we love this community but we think it’s a good time [to sell]” said owner, Jeff Dwyer.

With the coffee shop up for sale, they understand that a new owner may mean things will be done differently, but they are hopeful and excited for the future.

“We would love for the new owners to keep the same atmosphere, the same kind of community centered approach, and the same quality products” said owner, Nancy Dwyer.

Over 700,000 people visit Munising each year, which means business at Falling Rocks is doing good. The Dwyer’s see this as the perfect time for the shop to continue to succeed.

“The main thing is there’s so much room for growth, there’s so much room for new things, new changes, new opportunities that we’re excited to see what someone else might do” said Nancy Dwyer.

Once the business changes hands, the Dwyer’s plan to still call Munising home and visit the cafe, but they are also looking forward to more flexibility and spending time with their kids.