MARQUETTE —¬†Stress, anxiety and mental health are huge topics in today’s society but many don’t know the techniques to handle these things.

Stress also causes a lot of illnesses and can really affect someone’s life.

Ways to decrease stress is easier when having techniques that involve breathing, physical health and even increasing laughter. Not only will this decrease anxiety and stress, but it can also strengthen immune systems and lower risk for certain diseases.

Kids are also affected by stress much differently due to the fact their brains are still developing. So it’s more important to start teaching kids of coping mechanisms and de-stressing tools to increase positive mental health.

“We haven’t taught them tools to learn how to manage that stress,” said Stress Educator and Owner of Peaceshine, Kristine McPeak. “So they will go to school and they will be worried about mom or dad at home, or they will be worried about something that happened the night before and then their brain is hijacked. So the chemicals that floods their brain when they are under stress. It keeps us from being able to learn, remembering things, rationalize, be logical and self regulate.”

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