Cambensy holds town hall on multiple issues

MARQUETTE — Health care, education, and transportation were the topics of focus tonight at a listening town hall event hosted by 109th State Representative, Sara Cambensy.

The discussion, hosted at the Peter White Public Library, was open to the public. The Michigan House recently completed their spring budget, which allocates funding for the next fiscal year. Cambensy says she’s fighting for revenues to be seen at a local level.

“Coming from a local government experience, knowing how important that revenue sharing is,  knowing what that means to putting money back into roads and infrastructure – I think it’s one area that we need to make sure that money from Lansing come back to our communities, so that can do our local road projects, and get those things done for constituents who want to see something for their tax dollars,” said 109th State Representative, Sara Cambensy.

Recently, Cambensy was seen locally hosting town hall meetings at schools, advocating for increased safety and awareness in regards to school safety.