Travel back in time with this historical bus tour

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Regional History center is staying busy this summer.

For the 7th year in a row they are offering their Historical Marquette Bus Tours.

Ever wonder what Marquette was like 100 years ago? Marquette’s bus tour gives residents and tourists a chance to travel back in time.

Tours consist of visiting different historic sites downtown.

Patrons get to experience first person perspective of what life was like in Marquette. This is a different way for people to learn the history

“We’ve realized how very effective first person interpretation is. It’s a change in voice and a change in attitude, when people see a costume, see props and get to experience the vitality of a character. Then they really remember that story,” said Betsy Rutz, Museum Educator.

Betsy narrates the Historical Marquette Bus Tours, she’s eager to share her love of Marquette and the history it offers.

She also enjoys listening to personal stories that are shared on the bus.

“I love learning from the patrons, I love learning from the tourist, the citizens of Marquette and those who enjoy history. It’s such an enjoyable thing. It’s a Great way to make your day,” said Rutz.

If you’re a local or tourist it’s a great way to revitalize ownership of the community and know the history behind the buildings you drive by every single day.

“When you refocus and look at something from a different angle, you then appreciate it more. As we all know if we want things to stick around we have to appreciate them and care for them. It’s a great way for the community to reinvigorate their own love of their community,” Rutz added.

The money for the tickets goes to help support the Marquette History Regional Center.

To get your tickets for the next bus tour click HERE.