40 Below members stuff Birthday Bags for Spread Goodness Day

MARQUETTE — In the spirit of Spread Goodness Day, the UP Children’s Museum hosted a special event this evening to kick off the ‘Every Child Deserves a Birthday’ initiative.

40 Below Young Professionals of Marquette County teamed up with the museum to help stuff 100 birthday bags for children. Bags were filled with things like cake mix, frosting, candles, a book, and a day pass to the Children’s Museum, and then given to the Marquette County Salvation Army food bank to distribute.

“I think this event is really representative of what 40 below is about – young professionals getting together, having fun and doing something good for the community,” said 40 Below board member, Marina Dupler. “In this case, we are helping our future young professionals celebrate a very special day that is unique to them, and that’s their birthday.”

Many people were able to channel their inner youth, and help make a child’s birthday special, because truly, every child deserves a birthday!