MARQUETTE — An event that will be going through the weekend has started this evening and it’s going to bring a lot of companies to the Superior Dome.

The U.P. Builders Show is an experience in itself if you are in the field of construction. This event hosts many companies that use this show to really push their businesses brand out into the public. But this isn’t just for the larger well-known companies. This event is a great way for start up businesses to get their name out and schedule some work for this coming spring.

“If you have just started out, you just got to be here. It’s affordable; you know it gets you in front of a lot of people. You get to make some face to face connections which is really good, especially when you are starting out,” said, General Manager of Rainy Creek Construction, Greg Westmoreland.

If you are going to need any construction work done this spring the U.P. Builders Show might be the place to visit this weekend.

For more information on the event you can click here.