MARQUETTE — Career and Technical Education Month may be over, but the CTE committee continues their commitment by providing opportunities for students to experience life in a professional setting.

Potential culinary students from schools across Marquette County met to participate in a friendly competition to test and hone their cooking skills. Each team had 60 minutes to prepare an entrée, starch and vegetable dish.

“One of the things that I really strive for is to teach kids how to cook better so that they can eat better,” said Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Christopher Kibit. ” That’s really the whole purpose of the high school program, which does transition into our college program as well. So it’s just a fun was to give them a taste, if you will, pun intended, of our kitchen and what we do.”

The kitchen itself is larger than what students have been working with, and provides them with many different elements of a professional culinary setting.

“It exposes them to different cooking methods and the equipment they might be using. And if nothing else, when they get into their home and they start coming in their home, they may not have all the equipment, but they’ll understand the process. I think it’s a fun event. The kids are having fun, and they’re doing a great job so far,” said Kibit.

The winning team receives a pan trophy to hang up in their school, but let’s be honest, they’re all winners for cooking some delicious food.