GWINN — The Forsyth Snowmobile Club played host to many passionate snowmobilers who have been dedicated to riding with a bit of history. A vintage snowmobile ride took place to kick off the Vintage Snowmobile Show weekend hosted by the Marquette Antique and Vintage Snowmobile association. Plenty of these machines held riders who have ridden over thousands of miles.

“I started riding in 1963, so basically I’ve been riding these snowmobiles all my life,” said Tim Hill, President of the marquette Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Association. “It’s something that gets into you and you can’t quit.”

Events like these give folks a chance to bring out their vintage snowmobiles, some as old as 50. They require heavy maintenance and care, but for Hill, it’s barely work at all.

“It’s challenging to keep it running and find the parts that you need in order to make a 20–mile ride of a 40–mile ride. But we all made it today and we’re all happy.”

These types of events allow for a giant melting pot of machines and people, all together celebrating a life–long passion.

“It’s fun, because you meet people you would never meet before,” said Hill. “Everybody has the same interest, and it’s just a blast.”

Saturday, all these snowmobiles and more will be on display at the crossroads bar at the intersection of County Roads 553 and 480.

“Usually we get between 100 and 200 snowmobiles here for the public to view,” said Hill.

The event will include prizes, kid’s activities and many more, plus, a chance to see the history of snowmobiling up close and personal.