Mama Mia’s donates $650 for CPR Kits

ISHPEMING — Mama Mia’s has donated $650 to Ishpeming Public Schools to buy CRP Kits. Students are required to take CPR Training in their health classes, and the resources just weren’t there for Ishpeming.



“You know, I had to borrow CPR Kits from the Local ISD, and I put it out on social media that I needed a way to buy our own,” said Ryan Reichel, a teacher at Ishpeming Public Schools.

That’s where Mama Mia’s Owner Kyle Rundman came in. Being a friend of Ryan’s, he figured it was only fitting.

“Being an alumnus of Ishpeming, you know we have a saying, ‘Hematite Pride.’ So we always take pride in where we come from, and what we can do for each other, so we saw this as a really good opportunity to give back to the school and the community,” said Rundman. “These CPR kits could save lives.”

The kits should be purchased and ready to use for the upcoming semester.