Tai Chi is must-add for resolution list

MARQUETTE — Many people resolve to get in shape physically, but sometimes forget to clear their head. There is an exercise that allows you to do both.

While many of your friends are lifting weights and pushing their bodies to the limit, Tai Chi is providing a relaxing break from the outside world. No waiting for your favorite machine or changing in a nasty locker room. Tai Chi is a great way to slow things down in an always busy world.

“It’s very slow–moving, focuses intentions on creating a soft body. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on the proper alignment of the skeleton, and so it’s also very low impact.”

Alignment of the body leads to the alignment of the mind. Tai Chi, a Mind/Body practice, can help with balance, bone density, and brain functionality.

“It’s really great when you’re talking about setting new intentions for the new year, setting new goals, to changing your body on a very fundamental and molecular level.”

Relaxing the mind can help with weight management. It can decrease stress and consequently appetite. Tai Chi is a time to clear your head.

“Your mind is constantly firing one thing, and the next you’re answering your phone, you’re driving down the street, there’s always so many things to worry about and you can come to class, and just exhale, and quiet yourself. So when you’re done with class you feel more balanced, more centered, more alert. It’s a fantastic practice. Whether you’re doing it once a week or whether you’re doing it every single morning, the benefits are there, and you’re going to feel so much better after class.”