Marquette Regional History Center celebrates 100 years

MARQUETTE — 100 years ago, the Spanish flu took the lives of millions around the globe, Congress approved time zones and Daylight Savings and the world was invested in what would later be known as World War I.

Marquette County looked a bit different, back then, too. The Marquette Regional History Center saw a few changes itself, including a new facility and a new name.

“We started as the ‘Marquette County Historical Society’ and it was a group of people who just wanted to start collecting items and artifacts, photographs, maps, letters, documentation of what happened before them,” said Cris Osier, the executive director of the Marquette Regional History Center. “They were super forward-thinking. I’m amazed at what they accomplished back in their time and I hope we’re doing them proud by what we’re doing today.”

Currently, the facility is gearing up for a new special exhibit to honor the anniversary. The exhibit is called Centennials and it explores the past 100 years in Marquette County’s history.

The celebratory display will feature centennial farms and family camps, people who have lived 100 years or more other things in Marquette County history that have to do with the number 100. This exhibit opens on January 13th.

In addition to many other celebration events, like a 100 question trivia event, the Marquette Regional History Center has also set a goal in honor of the last century.

“We’re trying to get 100 new life members to create a new fund that will keep this organization moving into the future,” said Osier.

Life members of the Marquette Regional History Center receive free admission to the museum and unlimited research in the John M. Longyear Research Library. Their names are also printed on the Founders’ Circle plaque in the museum.

The organization is a private non-profit that relies on donations, memberships and admissions. Even if you can’t become a member, simply visiting the center can help support local history.

“We just want to keep moving forward, preserving and telling the story of the history in the Upper Peninsula,” said Osier.

Visit the Marquette Regional History Center’s Facebook page for more information on events to celebrate the organization’s 100th Anniversary. For more information on the organization itself, click HERE.