HOUGHTON — Keweenaw-area police and firefighters are gearing up to take the ice against one another in a local fundraiser. The annual hockey game is set to take place at Michigan Tech’s MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

“We’ve had this charity since 1998. It’s been an excellent charity for the area. We’ve provided a lot of assistance in our communities,” said Houghton Police Lieutenant Nick Roberts.

The game takes place Saturday, February 3rd and all of the proceeds will be donated to the Pigs N Heat fund, a charity that donates money to local victims of crime and fire.

Roberts said, “Last year was, I believe, a record year for us as far as funding. A lot of people came out, a lot of people bought tickets, extra tickets to help out the fund. We need that again this year more than ever. We used it a lot last year and we need to make sure we can provide assistance to our community.”

Tickets for the 20th annual game are available at area police and fire departments, who will also be selling raffle tickets for some pretty hefty prizes.

“We have a lot of prizes and raffles. The first place prize is going to be $1000 in cash provided by Blue Line Sight Solutions and Superior Towing, 2nd prize is $750 by Superior National Bank, 3rd place prize, which will be $500, is provided by the Frank A. Douglas Agency and Keweenaw Automotive,” said Roberts.

Other prizes to be raffled also include a shotgun rifle and two sky boxes at the stadium for viewing the game. Roberts says the firefighters won last year’s game, but the wins have been shared pretty evenly among both teams over the years.

“You know it’ll be a good game, no matter who wins,” he said.