MARQUETTE — Ever since the South was recently struck by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the area has been struggling to pick up the pieces of their lives. However, one organization from Northern Michigan University is traveling to Texas to assist in rebuilding what was lost.

“Relevant” is a campus ministry that focuses on providing service opportunities locally and outside of the Marquette County area. The group has been working hard to raise the funds needed to travel down south to help hurricane relief efforts over the school’s Thanksgiving Break. Tonight, the group of 4 began packing their bags into a van, as they prepare for the week ahead.

“I just really excited to get on the road, get down there, and help out,” said Relevant member, Cassie Anderson. “I’m ready to get my hands dirty. I think that this is going to be really life-changing for me, and I’m really excited.”

Relevant director, Deborah Heino says that the group will be sharing Thanksgiving with other families, and that this experience will make them all truly thankful for their blessings. The group is also trying to raise funds to go to Puerto Rico this next spring.