MARQUETTE — Just Dance, it may be more than just a great way to exercise. You may also find that you or your child is learning supplementary skills and building strong character. Enrolling your child in dance classes can help them in and outside the classroom.

Students at ‘New Attitudes’ in Marquette have learned a lot in ways of dance moves, but also in history, culture, math, and character building as well as physical fitness.

“I think dance is a real confidence booster not only in my boys but in the girls I’ve seen grow up in this program,” said teacher, Jessica Brooks.

“Definitely confidence, I have gained a lot of confidence being in dance,” shared student Erin Specker.

Dance helps teach rhythm which in turn teaches counting and even fractions. Students are also able to learn different types of dance styles which include lessons in history and culture.

“You have to listen to the beats which is something I start teaching my oldest who are in kindergarten and first–grade, but you have to listen to the music. Fast music you move faster, slow music you learn slower and so yeah those are rhythms that can be translated into reading and math. [They are] searching for their own songs and their own music. They are experiencing world music; a different style of hip hop and beats that they maybe wouldn’t have known before,” stated Brooks.

Not to mention, students of dance are also able to learn self–awareness, gain confidence, and learn discipline.

“I know with my girls there is a sense of self–awareness that comes from dance that I don’t know would come from anywhere but dance,” commented mother, Terri Haynes.

Dance schools have a sense of community and allow a safe place for children to be. Places such as ‘ New Attitudes’ have no phone policies for students and also promote friendship and positivity.

“The boys and girls here are a community of people,” added Brooks.

“And I know they are in good hands they’re in a great community of people. If there is a problem people know how to get a hold of me, they know who I am, so it’s a really safe place for them to be,” expressed Haynes.

If you are on the fence about enrolling in classes there are options for every taste and dance style.

“It is absolutely worth the time you have to be careful of which studio you choose what teachers you let your students take,” Haynes stated.

“With expressing yourself, if you are having a hard time you can take a sad dance and let your emotions out and be yourself,” Specker remarked.

“If there’s something you don’t like then look for a different studio because there are studios out there that are not oversexualized,” voiced Haynes.

If it is a question of information or expenses there are opportunities for those too.