Representative LaFave votes for lower car insurance rates

MICHIGAN–Yesterday the Michigan House Insurance Committee voted on legislation to allow Michigan drivers lower rates on car insurance with the key vote coming from Representative Beau LaFave.

Representative LaFave voted for legislation that would offer drivers a choice in coverage. They will be able to choose an alternative personal injury protection coverage plan that best suits them. Those paying unlimited coverage could see savings of ten percent.

“One issue I hear in the Upper Peninsula is, why in the world is my car insurance so expensive,” said State Representative Beau LaFave. “Our neighbors in the south and Wisconsin pay half of what we do, why is it so expensive? So, I took a deep dive into the issue with the work of chairwoman Tyce and we figured out what the problems are with our current system and we can fix that in House bill 5013.”

The bill is also cracking down on fraud and making sure that medical costs are on an established fee schedule.